How to Navigate the Learning Platform

1. Home - This will take you to the main page of the Learning Platform.
2. Continue Watching - You can click this to continue watching from where you left off. 
3. List of Courses - This displays all of our courses.
     a. Unlocked Courses - These are your purchased courses.
     b. Locked Courses - These are other courses we offer. 
4. Menu - Click this to display or hide the menu bar.
5. Search - Use keywords to search for specific lessons (examples: focus, burst, etc.).
6. Profile - This will allow you to change your profile photo and see all your achievements. 
7. Settings - This will allow you to change your display name, email preference, and password. 
8. Facebook Group Link - This will take you to our private Facebook group. 
9. Email Support Link - Click this to instantly send an email to our support team.
10. List of Modules - This displays all the modules in your courses.

Video Tutorial: How To Navigate The Course Platform:

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