How to Deal with Lens Flares

Green dots and other artifacts sometimes show up in your photos if you've been shooting with your iPhone pointed towards the sun. These are called lens flares and here are a few ways to deal with them:

  1. If the sun isn't directly in the photo, you can try shielding the lens with your hand like you might do for your eyes on a sunny day. 
  2. You could also try angling the iPhone differently or moving to hide the sun behind other objects to get rid of the lens flare. Emil demonstrates this in this lesson from the iPhone Photo Academy: Setting The Correct Exposure For Your Photos
  3. Finally, if you can't get rid of the sun flare while shooting, they can be quite easy to remove during the editing process. The healing tools available in Snapseed and TouchRetouch are very useful for this and Emil demonstrates both in this lesson from the iPhone Editing Academy: How To Remove Unwanted Objects From Your Photos

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