The Different Camera Modes

Program (or Program Auto) will set both shutter and aperture for you, but it will allow you to change the balance between the shutter speed and aperture, increasing one while decreasing the other, keeping the exposure constant all the time. This is often the first step that new photographers take away from full auto.  

Aperture Priority mode allows you to set the aperture you want while letting the camera choose a suitable shutter speed. This mode allows you more creative control over the image, and, in particular, the depth of field.  

Shutter Priority works the opposite way; you set the shutter speed and the camera sets the aperture automatically. This can be a way of making sure that you get a sharp image in lower light, or freezing fast-moving subjects.

In Manual mode, you have to take control over the value of all three exposure settings: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. Understanding how each of these camera controls works individually and in conjunction with one another will help you to take well-exposed images every time.

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