What White Balance should I use?

Under certain lighting conditions, whites and other colors can look wrong. This common problem relates to your camera’s white balance setting. In non-technical terms, white balance is how warm or cool the overall colors in your photograph look. 

Here are the different white balance options that will help you remove unwanted color casts so the colors are rendered accurately.

  • Auto White Balance - Most cameras default to the “Auto” white balance setting, which actually works pretty well, most of the time.
  • Use Presets - The typical options are incandescent (usually a light bulb icon), fluorescent (a fluorescent tube), daylight (the sun), flash (a jagged arrow), cloudy (a cloud), and shade (a house with shade on one side).
  • Set Your White Balance Manually - For tricky lighting situations, including “mixed lighting”, you’re going to get the best colors if you ignore the presets altogether and set your white balance manually. 

Note: For LED lighting, identify its color (warm, white or daylight) and use the appropriate preset, or create a custom white balance. 

Follow the links below for a detailed guide on White Balance, including how to set it up manually :

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