How to Navigate the Course Portal

Once you log in to the Course Portal, you'll see a screen similar to this one below: 

  1. My Courses - This will take you to the main page of the Course Platform where you'll see all your courses.
  2. List of Courses - This displays all of our courses:
    1. Unlocked Courses - These are your purchased courses. Click on any of these to watch the lessons. 
    2. Locked Courses - These are other courses we offer. Click on any of these to see more details about the course.
  3. Continue Watching - You can click this to continue watching from where you left off. 
  4. Menu - Click this to display or hide the menu options.
  5. Profile - This will allow you to see your achievements and activities. You can also change your profile photo and adjust your notification settings here. 
  6. Facebook Group Links - This will take you to our private Facebook groups. 
  7. Email Support Link - Click this to instantly send an email to our support team.
  8. Help Site Link - This will give you answers to frequently asked questions about your account, course access, billing and technical questions.   
  9. Log Out - Use this link to exit the course portal if you're using a shared computer or if you'll log in using a different profile.  

After you've selected a course, you will see two panels that you can each scroll up and down.

You'll be able to navigate through its different modules and lessons using the right panel. Click on the module names to expand or hide the list of lessons. 

Select the lesson you want to watch by clicking on the title. 

If you're accessing the course on a mobile device, tap the  Lessons tab to display the list of modules and lessons. 

Tap the Comments tab to Post and Respond to Comments.

Tap the Assignments tab to see the assignment for the lesson. 

Tap the Notes tab to review the Summary Notes

Tap the Files tab to open or save Learning Resources or Sample Photos.

To go to a different course, tap the iPhone Photography School logo or My Courses link at the top left-hand corner of the course portal.  

You can review the lessons as many times as you wish because of your lifetime access. You can refer to the How to Track Your Course Progress guide if you need help in checking your course progress. 

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