Video Issues

If you're having issues with playback because the videos continuously load

  1. Tap the Settings icon ⚙️ at the lower right-hand corner of the video. 
  2. Select Quality and choose a lower video resolution  
  3. If you're on a mobile device, tap the 3 dots icon to see the Settings ⚙️ icon. You can only adjust the video quality when you're not in full screen mode. 

  4. Restart your Internet device and try again.  

If you're unable to see the video player

  1. Open an incognito or private browser and log in to or
  2. If the videos work, please disable any browser extensions which may interfere with video playback.  

If you're on Reader View, disable it by tapping the aA icon at the top right-hand corner and select Hide Reader View.

If you cannot watch specific videos, please email us at or so we can check the issue.

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