How to Post and Respond to Comments

Under each video lesson in the course we have a Comments tab. This is where you can ask and answer questions, or just write your thoughts about the topic discussed.

The Pinned Comments will appear on top of all the comments. This section contains frequently asked questions and their answers. These are well worth looking at to see if there's already an answer to your question.

Underneath the pinned comments is where you can leave your own comment. Just type what you want to say in the box and click Comment when finished.

You can also click on the Leave a comment shortcut button to quickly go back to where you can add a comment. The arrow up icon will take you at the top of the page. 

If you're on mobile, the message box icon will quickly take you back to where you can add a comment. The arrow up icon will take you at the top of the page. 

If you want to respond to a comment, you can do so by clicking the Reply link. Your comment will then appear underneath the original comment and any other replies to the original.

If you want to remove any of your comments, just click on the Delete button below your comment: 

If someone replies to your comment, you'll receive an Email Notification. Click on the link to view the comment in the Course Portal. Click Reply on the original comment if you want to respond.

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