How to Watch the Videos While Editing (Picture in Picture)

You'll get the most out of our editing lessons if you follow along and do the same edits yourself on your iPhone/iPad. There's no need for another device with the Picture in Picture feature. To activate this: 

  1. Tap the full screen icon 
  2. Tap the Picture in Picture icon

  3. The video will now play on the upper right-hand corner. This will allow you to open the editing app you need and follow along the steps discussed in the video. 

    1. You can use 2 fingers in a pinching motion to make the video bigger or smaller.
    2. You can move the video window to any of the four corners of your screen by dragging it to the location you want. 

    3. You can hide the video by dragging the video to the right side. 
    4. Tap the arrow pointing to the left to show the video again. 

  4. To exit out of this mode, simply tap on the Picture in Picture icon. 

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