Achievements and How to Get Them

You will earn achievements for different activities you do when taking the course. Some examples are: adding comments, watching lessons, completing a module in 24hrs, and more.

Your achievements will be displayed on your Profile. Click on the options below to indicate where you access your course:


  1. Click on the Profile tab
  2. Click the Achievements tab

Course Portal

  1. Click Menu on the top right-hand corner and select See your profile:

  2. Scroll down to see your Achievements
    1. Locked Achievements

    2. Earned Achievements 

You'll also get a badge beside your name such as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Master for earning a certain amount of achievements:

  • Beginner: 0-3 achievements
  • Intermediate: 4-7 achievements
  • Advanced: 8-11 achievements
  • Master: 12 or more achievements

If an achievement is not unlocked after you've completed its criteria, please contact us at or

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