Achievements and How to Get Them

You will earn achievements for different activities you do when taking the course. Some examples are: adding comments, watching lessons, completing a module in 24hrs, and more.

Your achievements will be displayed on your Profile. To get there, access the Menu on the top right-hand corner of the Learning Platform and click Profile. 

From here you'll be able to see the achievements you've earned. The locked achievements are ones you haven't yet accomplished and will be added to your profile once you've completed the task.

You'll also get a badge beside your name such as Student, Scholar and Expert, for earning a certain amount of achievements:

  • Student  - 0-5 achievements
  • Scholar - 6-10 achievements 
  • Expert - More than 10 achievements

The number of achievements you need to earn to get the next badge will be displayed on your profile page.

If an achievement is not unlocked after you've completed its criteria, please contact us at or

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